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Traditional Grills

Smokin Brothers 20

Smokin Brothers "20"
Cooking Surface: 527 sq. inches
Weight: 135 lbs
Description: The "20" BBQ grill is the perfect size for any family who wants to start mastering backyard cooking techniques. It allows you to smoke, bake, grill and sear with the heavy duty porcelain grids.

smokin brothers 30

Smokin Brothers "30"
Cooking Surface: 792 sq. inches
Weight: 150 lbs
Description: The "30" BBQ grill provides the added space for a large family or the person who takes barbequeing very seriously. Plenty of room for the main course and side dishes to be cooked at the same time.

Premier Grills

smokin brothers 24

Smokin Brothers "24"
Cooking Surface: 646 sq. inches
Weight: 175 lbs
Description: The Premier models "24" and "36" come standard with insulated fire boxes, four multidirectional casters, an extra deep cooking surface, and the convenience of a built-inn work surface with the front-loading hopper design. Our hopper is sloped to allow maximum pellet capacity usage.

smokin brothers 36

Smokin Brothers "36"
Cooking Surface: 976 sq. inches
Weight: 235 lbs
Description: The "36" is for the enthusiast who likes to cook for the neighborhood or just simply wants to cook the whole family meal on the grill for a culinary delight.

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