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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Play Mor
1. Structural Strength – Southern Yellow Pine has superior structural strength and a lasting exterior surface which makes it perfect for creating a sturdy, durable playset.
2. Multiple Options – Play Mor wooden playsets are option friendly. Accessories easily attach to any part of the tower.
3. Fine Quality – We pay attention to detail. All of our lumber is milled and all edges are rounded to keep our product free from sharp corners.
4. Exceptional Value – At Play Mor you get more for your money. Compare apples to apples with our leading competitors and you will find that you get a bigger wooden playset with more options for the same money.
5. Unique Design – Our products have unique design features exclusive to Play Mor Swing Sets making them attractive additions to your backyard.
6. Easy Installation – Our professional installers are prepared to deliver and assemble your play equipment for you.
7. Ready Changeability – Changing the color of your wooden playset is as easy as adding a fresh coat of paint or stain.
8. Renewable Resource – The harvest cycle for Southern Yellow Pine is only 25-40 years. Harvesters ensure future resources by planting thousands of acres each year as they harvest.
9. Limited Warranty – All Play Mor products come with a five-year limited warranty against defects. Furthermore, all wooden components carry a lifetime limited warranty against rotting or fungal decay.
10. Lasting Memories – Memories made with your children are priceless. Interacting with your children on one of our wooden swing sets is bound to create precious, fun-filled memories.

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